Kelsey Herrick Design is here to inspire or manage your design project. Contact Kelsey for a inspiring consultation.

Color Consultation

Repainting the interior or exterior of your home? Not confident about how those small color samples will look on a larger scale? Kelsey Herrick Design, LLC can recommend a color palette that will compliment your home and distinguish it from those surrounding it, giving it the attention it deserves while raising its curb appeal. Finding the right color palette can be a challenge, but when you get it right, it becomes a show stopper.


material Selection

Need help in selecting materials for your space? Kelsey Herrick Design LLC can assist in selecting materials that appeal to you, your budget, and your home. Choosing materials that will stand the test of time can be intimidating. Are you still going to love that finish on your kitchen cabinets in 5 years? Will your bathroom tile look as outdated as a pink toilet in 10 years? Kelsey and her team are here to make sure you are confident in the decisions you are making and will steer you in the right direction if you are unsure.

Full Service Interior Design

Have you recently moved or remodeled? Looking to update your outofdate furniture? Kelsey Herrick Design LLC provides full-service interior design, which includes: potential layouts for the space, new furnishings, accessories and décor, lighting, window treatments, and more. We transform the space to give it new life and a new feel that represents the client(s) and addresses their needs.

Assistance with Remodel

Kelsey has had years of experience assisting with remodels in the Bay Area, ranging from assistance with material selection to overall layout and furniture selection. She works closely with the tradesmen and vendors involved to keep the project on track and running smoothly. Constantly communicating with those involved in the project leads to fewer surprises and more accountability. Of course, life happens and sometimes things don’t work out as they should. Kelsey Herrick Design LLC is there to be your advocate and navigate through the issues that may arise with minimal disturbance to the client.

Final Touches

Do you have all of your furnishings but still feel like there is something missing? Design is all about layers. You can have your main pieces but without adding the final touches, it can feel incomplete. Kelsey can bring in those final touch items that can complete the space. Sometimes it requires a punch of color, or additional/alternate lighting. Kelsey can assess your space and bring it to life by adding in pieces that will reflect the client and bring warmth to the home.

Vendor Facilitator

Do you need various professionals for your project? Over the years, Kelsey has established relationships with professionals across the industry that she is happy to recommend. Kelsey Herrick Design LLC has exclusive access to fabulous upholsterers, furniture protectant &repair professionals, lighting experts, fabric workrooms, unique tile companies, and the best flooring companies. Not to mention, the 200+ vendors available through the coop, First Impressions, that Kelsey Herrick Design LLC is a member of. These longtime vendors permit us access to their product lines that are offered “to the trades” only. These vendors give us special pricing which allows us to pass along a larger discount to all our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of my frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question, reach out and contact me in the link below.

What size projects does Kelsey Herrick Design LLC work with?

We work with projects of all sizes from small bathroom remodels to whole home remodels where the client requires help with lighting, furnishings, and material selection.

What areas do you serve?

We are located in Walnut Creek and primarily serve the surrounding East Bay areas including: Berkeley, Lafayette, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Brentwood, all areas in between and more.

How does Kelsey Herrick Design LLC work with clients to achieve their dream space?

Kelsey believes it is important for everyone to have their “dream space” and that dream will be different for each individual.  Kelsey takes time to get to know her clients and provides them with a design exercise to complete before the project begins. By reviewing the design exercise together, Kelsey obtains a better understanding of the individual and/or couple’s design aesthetics. She provides a few new layout options for the space and recommends furniture pieces based on the client’s budget.

Why hire Kelsey Herrick Design LLC for your next home remodeling or refresh project?

Kelsey not only brings years of design experience and knowledge to the table, but also fresh ideas and a designer’s eye that provides a creative perspective on the potentials for the space

What range of services does Kelsey Herrick Design LLC provide?
  • Color consultation for interior and/or exterior residential spaces.
  • Material selection for remodels including flooring, cabinetry, countertops, tile, wall treatments, etc.
  • Assessment of overall layout to improve flow and functionality of the space(s).
  • Recommendations for new furniture, such as: sectional or sofa, rugs, tables, and chairs.
  • Addition of finishing touches to a “mostly there” space such as: lighting, art, mirrors, décor, pillows, linens, window treatments, etc.
  • Coordination with custom cabinet and furniture makers to design a beautiful custom piece for the home.
  • Collaboration with re-finishers and upholsterers to bring new life into old pieces.
  • Development of an overall design and furniture selection for short or long-term rentals.
  • Assistance for new home buyers in turning their new house into their dream home.
Does Kelsey Herrick Design LLC work on commercial projects?

While we focus mostly on residential homes, we have worked on some light commercial projects too, including: The Mare Island golf course clubhouse, Salt Craft restaurant in Pleasanton, Kildara HOA pool area bathrooms & shower in Dublin, and the GoSeek travel site office in San Francisco. If you are looking for a personal touch to your place of business, Kelsey Herrick Design LLC may be able to help!

What is the design process when working with Kelsey Herrick Design LLC?

Kelsey has adopted a process that she learned from her mentor, Kristina Wolf. She believes that everyone has their own voice, as do their homes. Finding that balance between everyone (and everything) is a challenge that Kelsey happily accepts. She determines her client’s design style by asking them to participate in a design exercise. After reviewing the exercise with her clients and touring the space, she will then make recommendations that reflect what she has learned about the clients and their home. In the end, this results in a harmonious balance within the home and a beautifully designed space that is a reflection of the client’s wants and needs.