Many of the shows you see about home improvement make you think you can’t spruce up your home without knocking down a wall (which always seems to be load-bearing) or gutting a room down to the studs. But small changes over time can make a huge difference to how you see and use your home. Improving functionality can have a lasting impact and help you figure out how to prioritize bigger improvements in the future. Before you take a sledge hammer to your space, here are some easy ways for you to refresh your home.  And remember, start small and break your redesign into different projects so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Start with the storage closets

Many of us have one space where our seasonal items go to live the rest of their lives – sometimes to never see the light of day again.

A general rule: If you haven’t used something in two years, it’s time for it to go. You’ll have more space for other items.

Home touch-ups  

Think projects that have been put off, such as painting the walls where you have scuffs, making your cords less visible by bundling your cords or tightening up the toilet paper holder. The small things will let you enjoy your home more.

Reconsider your Art

Art can bring a space to life! It can bring good energy to a space, make a room feel larger, or make a larger room feel warm and cozy. Sometimes moving art from one wall to another gives your space a fresh feeling. If you want to change things up, there are many places and ways to find excellent artwork at a reasonable price. The biggest thing is to make sure you choose art that speaks to you.

Purge your pantry

cereals, legumes, pasta and lentils in an array of glass jars

As simple as it seems, cleaning out your pantry can make your life less stressful. Getting rid of expired packaged food and removing unhealthy snacks will remove temptation and make it easier to stick to cleaner eating habits.  Keeping your pantry organized also helps prevent food going to waste – you’ll use the items before they go bad. You’ll also save time and money as you won’t buy what you don’t need, and you’ll quickly know what you have readily available.

Kelsey Herrick is the founder and lead designer for her company Kelsey Herrick Design, LLC. Kelsey is passionate about using her experience as a  interior designer to create a space you love. Kelsey is known for her creative utilization of space, use of rich colors and textures, and problem solving skills. Contact Kelsey Herrick to learn more.